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Favre: not to be only record Empty Favre: not to be only record

Post  smile on Tue Dec 28, 2010 4:30 am

The fifth week, MNF, Jets against the Vikings, 1TD and 74 yards further Favre would create their own another milestone: 500 career TD, 7 0000 pass. He will be the first to do. Favre do this in a game is not difficult. nhl jerseys china
However, something happened before the game, a serious loss of personal image thing: there is a Sexual scandal of Favre. Non-disclosure of early evening, but why choose to disclose at this point in the MNF. Though the truth of this matter is still unknown. First four weeks of 3 wins and 1 jet and the Patriot victory over rivals in the same district, dolphins, and Buffalo Bill, beat Patriots to become the AL East leader. The other hand, the Vikings, 1 win 2 losses, the fourth week is Bye Week. Not only the record is not satisfactory, the team injuries, the absence of the main WR Sidney Rice is out half of the season, the signed in 2009 rookie wide receiver Percy Hall text grow fast, but this season is also the head of the intermittent faint of the play, Favre in these games could not find a reliable catcher, but to keep the ball to Phi Anderson.
In the fifth week Favre finally ushered her dream partner: Randy Moss, NFL jersey is #84. The Vikings come to his team began sharpening it! The first goal is to kill the jet. More like a team win a game, a record for Favre, celebrate with a win for the law Eph. But the site does make the news once again became a Vikings team in major sports Web site headlines, Vikings coach Childress and his teammates have tried to maintain he. Favre also said he just to think about the game. But this complete disregard for Favre? Who put the spirit of the body is a big burden.
This summer because of his injuries, Favre still couldn’t decide whether to retire until the Lange and the other two friends tried to dissuade. When he came back, he has only one goal: the Super Bowl, in the most favorite Reebok NFL jersey #4.
However, in the MNF, New York, a sudden heavy rain, the night is destined for Favre a difficult and memorable evening. Group of Vikings offensive first half, the delay could not enter the state, defense group performance was not good, a few times to jet into the red zone but not a touchdown, only select the shot, even so, the jet made the first half, or 9 - 0 lead. Eph into the second half of the state law, and finally get a touchdown pass, 500TD was born, and then the Vikings began to frantically strike back, the last time the Vikings defense group's performance also made the Vikings saw the hope of victory, however, Favre was the last moment was ruined completely steals the Vikings. Favre face in this game too much pressure: Website by what he had in the face of enormous pressure jet home, elbow inflammation also affected his play, Blitz Jets defensive tactics, too, is facing an enormous Front pressure. discount reebok jerseys
No more than Favre want to win this game, his teammates said after the game. He wants to win, he wanted to give fans the victory, he wants to lead the team out of the woods.


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