What is your memento for the favorite?

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What is your memento for the favorite? Empty What is your memento for the favorite?

Post  smile on Tue Dec 28, 2010 4:35 am

Many people have their own memento. Like the first toy, the childhood nice princess costume, the first boyfriend’s gift it may be just a stick of gum. You cherish them, never trade for any other things.
Xiao ling also cherish a special thing as many people done, in her words, it is the best memento in the world. You may want to guess. A book, one travelling things, or an unattainable CD? All the things you may guess, but I can bet that you would never get the right answer only if I tell you the truth.
Last week, Xiao ling walked with her family to watch the NFL competition at New York. Xiao ling love Favre very much. At that night, she met the Favre’s competition at right. She was too exciting to say any words to thank her father’s surprise. When the game finished she have a chance to talk with Favre, even though it is just a few second. She thought she must be in dream. Favre smiled at her, and said thank you! Like others vulgar fans, throwback jerseys china she picked up her notebook let Favre sign it. He smiled, and signed “I am Favre, wishes you love life, just like as me love the #4 NFL jersey.” From now on, Xiao ling thought she is the most happiness person in the world. And the notebook is the most special thing, she didn’t allow any people to touch it except her. She always told her friends that, though Favre bear a lot of pressure, but he still love NFL, love Reebok NFL jersey, love to smile. Though I couldn’t understand why Xiao ling was so mad with Favre, I knew she had gotten the best memento in her life. nba jerseys wholesale
And I begin to think what is my special memento for my favorite. I dreamed having a authentic book of Guojingming many years ago. And when I was in university, I thought the boyfriend’s gift. Now, I thought a pair of wonderful shoes. I know that if I get that pair of shoes, I still have any other things. So I don’t know what is my real memento. I begin to envy the person like Xiao ling.
So what is your memento for the favorite?


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