College Football: What I Love About Betting and Watching College Football

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College Football: What I Love About Betting and Watching College Football Empty College Football: What I Love About Betting and Watching College Football

Post  yanghongyu on Thu Dec 30, 2010 8:41 am

I'll come right out and just say it, I love college football! NFL jersey
Of all the major sports I enjoy both as viewer and a gambler, in my opinion college football is at the top of the heap. A few of my favorite things:
The bands: The Ohio State University marching band performing Script Ohio.
I don't know why I enjoy this because as a team I detest Ohio State, but this band performance is just so unique. The USC marching band playing Conquest and Fight On! OK, I'm a USC alumnus and these give me goose bumps and bring back very fond memories. Another personal favorite is watching the Stanford marching band, I just enjoying seeing what they will do next to earn a suspension.
The traditions - The Tiger Walk at Auburn along with Clemson and Howard's rock. I'm not an Auburn or Clemson fan but I do find these traditions pretty cool. The whole tradition of the touching of the wholesale hockey jerseys "Play like a champion today" sign leading out of the Notre Dame locker room by the team. And the massive amount of tailgate partying across the country is just fantastic.
The rivalries:
Colorado and Colorado State getting after it at the start rather than the end of the season: terrific. USC versus Notre Dame and UCLA every season; I live for these match-ups. Michigan and Ohio State, Auburn and Alabama, Stanford and Cal, Texas and Oklahoma, Army and Navy, the list goes on and on and these match-ups are a college football fan's Super Bowls. Nfl wholesale jersey
The trophies:
Michigan State and Penn State for the Land Grant Trophy, Houston and Rice for the Bayou Bucket, Bowling Green and Toledo for the Peace Pipe, Colorado State and Wyoming for the Bronze Boot, on and on they go including the Commander in Chief's Trophy, The Golden Egg Trophy, The Keg of Nails, The little Brown Jug, etc. Just great stuff...
The telecasts:
12 hours plus of wall to wall coverage all day each Saturday during the season and many weeknight games as well, and that's without even adding the extra game packages on cable or satellite.
The length of games:
I love stopping the clock on first downs. It prolongs the game and they don't seem hurried like NFL games. soccer jerseys china I can live without the longer halftimes, but it does provide more time to get down halftime bets and prepare a better sandwich for the second half.
It's been tweaked some throughout the years. Most recently with the requirement to go for 2 point conversions starting in the third overtime, but it's thrilling nonetheless and a major improvement over the dreaded tie games.
The Cheerleaders - Enough said...
The Fans:
College kids getting blasted on cheap beer, the alumni cheering and screaming, fans living and dying with each play, the passion in the crowd at a college football game is unmatched in all of sports and something truly to behold.


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