one of the most exciting game in the history of super bowl---6

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one of the most exciting game in the history of super bowl---6 Empty one of the most exciting game in the history of super bowl---6

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Mencius, said: "it is responsibility on also, will always first frustrates needs, it blows, the body, so the true disorderly, which can CengYi." This sentence is applicable to speak in Denver team quarterback John Elway. The 32nd session of the super bowl by al championship league title in Denver BaoZhuangGong green bay. BaoZhuangGong quarterback method. The 31st just won the title, hope to the super bowl. John Elway has ever scored 37 years old, three-time super bowl(1987,1988, 1990), but is defeated three times. Elway although is recognized as oneofthemostoutstanding quarterback, but had not yet tasted took the super bowl.
Step 37 years, Elway career will be ended. The 32nd session of the super bowl is his fourth, defending champion, a famous quarterback method with green bay. BaoZhuangGong. Fletcher and Elway in law is the most outstanding quarterback peak. wholesale nfl jerseys The Florida law to defending, pushed his career peak, Before retiring in Elway hope to obtain a wish, with him for ten years of the super bowl. The score is compact, half the score is 17-17. Late in the third quarter, the lakers came from his horse began to attack, eight yards line has been BaoZhuangGong twelve yards to attack. Aftertwo failed Elway and facing the third offensive. He hopes that the ball, but all over BaoZhuangGong were wrapped tight defensive player of the year, unable to pass. Then, try holding the ball Elway six yards across his lines, but we made before three BaoZhuangGong defensive player of the year, one aim his knee in helmet. Critical Elway and feet, he leapt to skip cross-court. When he is in trouble, BaoZhuangGong two other players to right and left, a double-team Elway in the form of the head. 37 and he was three players in the air crash, one at the head, two players in double side volleyed a 180 degrees, in BaoZhuangGong four lines, obtain First Down. The ball, just Elway is invisible, regardless of his three players in the air while he knocked over to attack, a knee, two tapping heads, almost can break his neck. But after a Elway up, nor ZhenBeiYiHu, instead, the key to the broncos ameris Down. He first, for the super bowl title, even in pieces. The broncos all players, he saw his regardless, the team also force, two lunged for success, leading 24-17. Although the points in the fourth quarter BaoZhuangGong tying a 24-24, but the war horse teams more yong, finally to 31-24 beat method and BaoZhuangGong Elway and super bowl for the dream has completed. soccer jerseys china The broncos Elway and more in article 33 of the super bowl, then he will retire contentedly.
For the super bowl, facing Elway three manipulation, still in the head, desperate to move forward, and over a large air, the parody helicopter, so the ball later called the helicopter, become Elway career is the most representative of a ball. He lay at the super bowl, also took time greatly inspired the morale of the team, fight for him. The broncos squad has super bowl moment, lifted trophy to say: "this is Elway." Visible Elway really have the super bowl, established his life not dare to kill image. Rush dare For the super bowl, regardless of personal security and lose, I was really the first time I saw.
Incidentally, the broncos captured the super bowl, broke the nl continuous monopoly 13 years of the super bowl NFL Wholesale jerseys


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