one of the most exciting game in the history of super bowl---9

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one of the most exciting game in the history of super bowl---9 Empty one of the most exciting game in the history of super bowl---9

Post  yanghongyu on Mon Jan 03, 2011 8:14 am

The so-called "perfect", this series at 10th should be successfully completed, the tenth is the most memorable super bowl, chosen, is enough. But introduces so much of the super bowl, then select a to do over, actually really have a headache. After considering, I decided to choose one recent and memorable one -- the 43rd -- to end this series.
I believe that many friends! This session of national champions, Arizona cardinals wholsale jerseysGangRen Pittsburgh for al championship team. Cardinals years is weak, has been the other team, see the flat for old bully rookie, can win the national league west, have unexpected, besides them with them for the first time, scored historic super bowl is "pheasant". In GangRen team, winning five times in history has super bowl title, nhl jerseys china on average, unlike cardinals has powerful attack and defense to pass commonly so people are "phoenix" GangRen team. Cardinals attacking prowess with three regular season (more than 10 yards outside the ball over the experience GangRen) or better?
First, GangRen team game, will open control to 17-7. One end of fast half perimeter, James Harrison GangRen team who in his client area copy the cardinals quarterback Kurt Warner passes, from their own line ran to the cardinals, build 100 yards in the super bowl, become the longest history in yards. GangRen third quarter to pull far more to 20-7, cardinals hopeless, pheasant's back, may not change the phoenix los.
But the cardinals play attacking force in the fourth quarter, although Kurt quarterback Warner has 37 years, but he leads cardinals mission, in the fourth quarter, two touchdowns success two balls are the first to take a tightwad Fitzgerald, including a 64 code for passing the ball, Fitzgerald, use individual speed and swam in the corner, who has been among the ball to the client area touchdowns make cardinals lead 23-20, and morale. wholesale jerseys nfl This game, only two minutes and 37 seconds, GangRen team quarterback Ben Roethlisberger (hereinafter referred to as the lakers lead the GangRen) in the final blow, 35 seconds passing to the success Santonio took Holmes touchdowns success, 27-23. Cardinals back but failed to obtain GangRen team and team, the history of the super bowl, becomes the sixth super bowl win most NFL team.
Although cardinals cannot "phoenix", but the pheasant becomes the fourth quarter final stage to counterattack GangRen team is very compact, plus the second 100 yards back end the ball in attack, I felt it a super bowl in race history and are memorabl


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