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 Packers   talk   before   moving  forward Empty Packers talk before moving forward

Post  yanghongyu on Tue Jan 11, 2011 5:29 am

odson had just helped push the Green Bay Packers nfl wholesale jerseys into the postseason, sending them headlong into a confrontation with a monster they helped create. He couldn’t help but laugh at the surreal symmetry of it all.
As any Cheesehead can attest, if the reigning NFL defensive player of the year and his teammates could hop onto a Frozen Tundra Time Machine and replay their first game of the 2010 season, they’d surely show a little brotherly love toward Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Kevin Kolb(notes).
Knowing what they know now, nhl replica jerseys would the Packers have been so insistent on forcing Kolb to spend some quality time with the Lincoln Financial Field turf?
“Oh, absolutely not,” Woodson said Sunday evening, a couple of hours after the Pack’s 10-3 victory over the Chicago Bears on the final Sunday of an eventful and surprise-filled regular season. “We’d have told players to just grab him around the ankles and let him down gently. Because, I mean, now we have to deal with him.”
Yes, Michael Vick(notes) and the Eagles wholesale nfl jerseys will be waiting for the Pack next Sunday in the first playoff weekend’s marquee matchup at The Linc, the stadium where Green Bay’s postseason push began about 100 years ago. wholesale nfl football jerseys Or so it seemed – after all, as we were reminded on Sunday, four months is a long time in a league in which breathless reassessments of a team’s relative worth take place on an immediate and constant basis.
“Oh, man, so much has changed since then,” Woodson said, flashing back to the Pack’s 27-20 victory over the Eagles on the second Sunday of September. “Thinking back to that first game, it was a new era in Philly, with Donovan [McNabb] gone and Kolb at quarterback. Then we knock him out, Vick comes in and leads a comeback and ends up tearing up the league. Sixteen weeks later, all of a sudden, it’s Vick’s team.
“Believe me, we know what we’ll be facing.”
Smith’s team lost just twice more in 2010, to the playoff-bound Eagles and Saints, and went into Sunday’s game against the Panthers determined to deliver an early knockout punch against the league-worst Panthers. Atlanta jumped out to a 14-0 lead, and Smith twice blew off field-goal attempts to try fourth-down plays (both were unsuccessful), clearly wanting to disabuse Carolina of any notion of being able to compete. Ryan’s 14-yard touchdown pass to star wideout Roddy White(notes) in the final minute of the first half effectively sealed the deal.
The highlight of the second half came when White and halfback Michael Turner(notes) snuck up behind owner Arthur Blank on the sidelines in the game’s waning moments and dumped a bucket of Gatorade all over his stylish gray suit.
It’s one thing to soak the coach, but the man who signs the paychecks? Gutsy move.
“We’re having fun,” White said Sunday night. “His wife said it was OK.”
Upon further review: Getting Mrs. Blank’s pre-bath blessing was a brilliant move.
“I’m sure Arthur, as much as that’s a very, very expensive thread count, was very happy about having the suit cleaned in a way other than dry-cleaning,” Dimitroff said. “I’m very, very happy for our owner, and the fact that he can truly put the tumultuous 2007 season aside and, in the city and amid his owner brethren, feel very proud of what the organization has accomplished under his guidance.”


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