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Post  StArK on Fri Jun 18, 2010 6:10 pm

Lazy made a very good tutorial, not just for noob, but for people who wants to get better.....

The kits

I will start of by saying that every kit can be used in his own apropriate situation. You'd have to be stupid to take a engineer kit to cross a open area if you know 3 snipers will be hunting you down, but a shotgun can be usefull in close combat situations.

That said, i still think some kits are faaaaar more important then others.

One kit you can never be wrong with is the medic. I can not stress enough how important it is to have a lot of medics in your team! A squad of medics can easily get a k/d of 5 if you keep healing and reviving eachother. Those shockpaddles and medicbags make your team close to invincible. If you have the medic kit, please use it to its fullest. There is no point in taking on 5 guys on your own before helping out your mates, if you revive and heal your team first they can help you take the enemy out. MEDICS FTW!

The second important kit is support. It always handy to have a support dude close to you for 2 reasons. This first is obvious, they have bags of ammo that can keep giving you bullets, grenades, claymores, ... The second is called 'suppressive fire', the support class can spray bullets for quite some time without reloading. This will make sure that the enemy will not pop out of his hiding spot as long as the bullet rain is going on. This way the rest of the team can move up without being shot.

As third kit to use on infantry only maps, i personally prefer the sniper. A good sniper can take out dangerous treaths from a distance so the rest of the team can keep moving.

My ideal squad of 6 people would consist of: 3 medics, 2 supports, 1 sniper. But, as i already said, different situations require different kits.


You can use the squadsystem to your advantage. As a squadmember, you are able to spawn on a good spot on a map. As squadleader, you are able to let people spawn with you to help you out.

First tip: if you are in a good position, behind enemy lines for example, make a new squad! This way people can spawn on you, heal you, resupply you, help you take flags faster and help you shoot the enemy from a unexpected postion.

Second tip: Rejoin! If you are squadleader and someone shoots you down (and the chances of getting revived are small) leave the squad and join again. This way a player that is still alive becomes squadleader so you can spawn on him and get right back into action.

Third tip: Follow orders! You or your squadleader should put out attack-markers if you move somewhere. If everyone follows those markers you can hit realy hard as a team. There is no point in being in a squad if go your own way anyway.
A squad should stick together, but it should not walk too close to eachother, if you do one grenade can take everyone out.


The markers squadleaders can put on the map are one thing you can do, but there is more!

Spotting: Don't be an selfish, spot the enemy you are shooting at so your teammates can help you take him out. It's especially important to spot snipers because those sneaky bastards can be realy lethal when you cross an open area.

Voice commands: If you use the "I need a medic", "I need ammo", "I need backup", ... commands your teammates will be more likely to come and help you.

Teamspeak: Using a headset to talk to your team can improve your gameplay a lot! Not everyone has a microphone or acces to a teamspeak server, but if you do, use it. If you want to tell someone "There is a claymore in that room" or "There is an enemy on the top floor" you will probably be to slow if you need to type it in a message. You can talk way faster.


Use your pistol. If you run out of ammo with your primary weapon in a fight, finish the guy with your pistol. Reloading will take too long and you will be supprised how much damage a pistol can do.

My conclusion:
Teamplay can get you way further than individual skill. If you are in my squad, plz help me out, i will help you out in return.

So thanks to LAZY for this good tutorial.... Exclamation Very Happy

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