Learning the Truth from the Football Game

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Learning the Truth from the Football Game Empty recent NFL extra-curricular activity.

Post  jane5yan on Wed May 11, 2011 9:21 am

Besides first-quarter scores that actually issue, what is the main difference between the NFL and NBA?

Andrew Bynum may argue there's little difference in the style of physical play, and JJ Barea might be prepared to concur ... if he could breathe lengthy enough to spit out a total sentence.

Bynum, the Los Angeles Lakers' middle, place an elbow to the ribs with the Dallas Mavericks' Barea in Sunday's playoff game that gave Dallas a shocking four-game sweep of the Western Conference semifinals sequence.

It had been an effort that got us thinking about how tame it really looked compared to some of the unnecessary roughness that happened on NFL fields final period:


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