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Post  jane5yan on Mon May 09, 2011 10:36 am

RENTON, Wash. -- In some way, John Schneider and Pete Carroll addressed almost every place of concern the Seattle Seahawks had entering the NFL draft.
There were the 2 offensive linemen grabbed with Seattle's initial two picks within the hopes they become the future right aspect of the Seahawks' shaky offensive line. Seattle grabbed a trio of defensive backs to try to get assist within the secondary, a pair of linebackers that at the very least could help on special groups, a uniquely tall broad receiver and even a cumbersome defensive end.
It appeared inevitable that at some point in last weekend's draft the Seahawks would grab a quarterback because Charlie Whitehurst will be the only one Seattle has under contract and nobody is certain in the event the Seahawks and Matt Hasselbeck will come together on the new agreement.
It wasn't to get a lack of possibilities that it did not occur. When the Seahawks picked Alabama offensive tackle James Carpenter using the 25th overall pick, QBs Andy Dalton and Colin Kaepernick had been still available, even though 4 quarterbacks had already been taken.


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