'Skins choosing Beck over McNabb?

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'Skins choosing Beck over McNabb? Empty 'Skins choosing Beck over McNabb?

Post  jane5yan on Fri May 13, 2011 8:35 am

I had somebody pose something interesting to me this week whilst viewing "The Top 100: Gamers of 2011" on NFL Network as voted by the gamers. Donovan McNabb's peers voted in as No. 100 -- 1 of twelve quarterback to make the list. John Beck, Washington's third-string quarterback behing McNabb and Rex Grossman final season, might not even be a top-1,000 player -- yet the Redskins see him as a possible starter. So, I used to be asked, is that a insane idea?

And, I suppose, on some degree it just might be. But football choices aren't made inside a vacuum and it appears to me that now, finally, in Year Two, Mike Shanahan has grasped precisely how big a chore he has. Following trading multiple draft picks for McNabb andJammal Brown a yr ago, now he appears to be centered on the lengthy haul.
This team has main roster voids, and discovering out about Beck -- who Shanahan also traded for and likes -- makes sense. Paying McNabb a $10 million roster bonus just to stick as you possibly can insurance tends to make far less feeling to me.
McNabb's very public defrocking final yr as Washington's beginning quarterback, so soon following arriving there inside a blockbuster trade, has created this scenario untenable. Dropping him to essentially inactive standing down the stretch doesn't allow it to be extremely easy to just turn back towards the esteemed veteran a few months later and try to pretend he's the leader of one's team once more.
Does not work that way.
McNabb wants out and also the Redskins have created a scenario exactly where he must go. McNabb's issues with offensive coordinator Kyle Shanahan and the fact the employees has made it obvious he doesn't seem to be a match in their scheme make it silly to attempt to force issues again and possibly undermine another period.
? Unofficial list of 2011 totally free agents
Heading having a cheap, developmental quarterback isn't crazy to me, particularly when the offensive line is in tatters. Having to pay a quarterback $15 million a period to get crushed week in and week out does sound insane.
Whether McNabb really is still a top-12 QB at this stage of his career stays to become observed, but Beck could shock many people. All of this also screams out for your Redskins to take a flier on Vince Young -- an athletic passer who could make plays outdoors the pocket, as Shanahan has enjoyed utilizing his whole profession.
Youthful, too, could come inexpensive and Shanahan has always believed he could discover that diamond in the rough at the quarterback spot. Winning with Beck or becoming the man who rescued Young's profession and turned him about would be correct up Shanahan's alley as well.
I could see a Beck/Young combo deal prior to I could see McNabb back again beneath center ... But within this league, who knows? Crazier things have happened.


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