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Post  jane5yan on Sat May 14, 2011 5:37 am

SANTA CLARA, Calif. -- San Francisco 49ers general manager Trent Baalke looked for one clear trait to shine above all other people when evaluating gamers ahead with the NFL draft: Versatility.
That was the word Baalke used more than and over again during a movie session with defeat writers Thursday, breaking down tape on all of San Francisco's ten picks and showing why the team believes each was the right option.
"What's their versatility? What's their impact on the team? We want men to become able to complete a variety of things," Baalke said. "We want guys who deliver value to the group and are good at much more than simply one factor."
Using the exception of second-round choose Colin Kaepernick, the 49ers expect all their new rookies to do multiple issues and play multiple positions.
Baalke invested the majority with the almost two-hour session dissecting Kaepernick's play at Nevada, highlighting characteristics that convinced San Francisco he can be the quarterback of the long term. The ability to improvise with his athleticism and make some thing out of absolutely nothing was maybe the most intriguing of Kaepernick's skills for your 49ers.
Among the eye-popping plays that impressed Baalke on movie coincidentally arrived in San Francisco at the Battle Hunger Bowl against Boston School: Kaepernick drops back again, appears left, appears right, then fires a pass more than the middle to his tight finish streaking across the center as five gamers -- each safeties and all three linebackers -- converge around the play, tucking the ball into a tight seam to get a crucial completion.
Whilst some may phone it a poor decision to throw into 5 defenders, Baalke saw it as a gutsy move that the 49ers need their quarterback to complete in the face of pressure.
"Do I want him generating that throw? Absolutely," Baalke stated. "I desire a guy that's assured enough to throw it into the defense."
The 49ers don't strategy to tinker with Kaepernick's considerably unconventional delivery, that is between a sidearm and over-the-top movement. Baalke equated it to the various types of golf swings or batting stances that may be efficient in their own methods.
"It's the end result that matters," he said.
What San Francisco does strategy to alter is some of its draftees' positions.
Amongst the notables: No. 7 general pick Aldon Smith was a defensive lineman at Missouri but will perform outdoors linebacker in a 3-4 scheme; South Carolina's Chris Culliver can make the switch from security to cornerback; Central Florida defensive end Bruce Miller will transfer to fullback; and Michael Person of Montana State will make the transfer from left tackle to guard.
The 49ers also expect almost everybody -- aside from Smith and Kaepernick -- to contribute to special teams instantly. Not that any of these moves might take location this summer.
Using the NFL lockout currently canceling some offseason workouts, the transition from school may only be much more complex for players within this offseason of uncertainty.
Just a few veterans obtained playbooks during the short time the lockout was lifted a couple of weeks in the past, and also the rest may have to find copies from teammates or fend for themselves to learn new coach Jim Harbaugh's method.
"The lockout has certainly produced some hurdles," Baalke said. "The new coaching staff, new terminology. But hurdles have to be overcome. And we'll discover a way to get over them and obvious them."


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