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A powerful  style the handbag Empty A powerful style the handbag

Post  jane5yan on Tue Jun 14, 2011 4:27 am

Aureate, pearls and sequins, once more much adornment too much, the chanel handbags forever to shine. Night luxuriant A style of the powerful and unconstrained style, but never lost chanel brand name classical style of handbags, along with all the distinguished personages in hotel or participating within the red carpet event, always can existing wonderful dreams of the world. For example with skin put on chain aglet aureate rhombohedrons situation grain luxuriant rock guitar shape handbags, Enchase crystal beads in candy colors pink make-up box, or flaxen cotton-spreading shoulder bag, and embroidered with numerous paillette the little handbag, model case vibrant, deduce ladies ultimate pursuit of style.

Double lubricious handbags

Chanel lady stated: black bears all things, white versa, their elegance unbeatable, absolute harmony. At the dance put on black or white lady: she is unquestionably the most eye-catching 1.(for your L Allure Morand coque Chanel , Hermann version, 1996)

Chanel lady place, the adornment fashion is popular, but she maverick, sets up the elegance concise fashion. She pursued meticulous lines and formation, the most representative double tonal combination past fashion fields, rapidly become chanel signature fashion from cosmetics to unique jewellery box design, arrive once more small black skirt with pearl necklace immortality is dressed up, style implement constant.

Every time, Karl gulag ophir for chanel double tone gives a brand-new face. For instance in a sense of handbags adornment meticulous lustre traditional skins chain, or in rhombohedrons case grain handbags adds Oriental element. It is the two intense contrast, the fusion of make brand name endures fantasy charm.

Eternal handbags

Chanel 2.55 handbags YanRu chameleon, is one of the couple of ahead of the front of trendy luxuries. Evening and day, whether within the city streets or to the seaside and wear jeans or custom suit, tie-in leather or small black skirt, all appear appropriate, the impact is exceptional, rapidly become beauties the honest maiden??¥s intimate partner, this kind of as JiaGuiLin Kennedy Jackie Kennedy or LuoMi ??è Schneider Romy Schneider, and current Diane Kruger Diane Kruger and kristen DengSi Kirsten Dunst??¥s,. It isn't just an era of symbol, spanning 55 years still persistent evergreen.


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