Ranking (last week) team result brief remarks

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Ranking (last week) team result brief remarks

Post  yanghongyu on Mon Dec 27, 2010 8:25 am

Ranking (last week) team result brief remarks1 (1) falcon (wholesale jerseys)8 victories and 2 defeats falcons passing run guard nearly perfect, but their opponents ram team is currently springtail kill the most teams.2 (2) patriot 8 victories and 2 defeats now they beat colts, in order to ensure that the playoffs not meet again colts, nhl hockey jerseys they must on December 6th against jet machine carefully.3 (4) crow 7 victories 3 defeats against panther’s game, the defensive group used two da array proof strength.4 (3) jet (wholesale football jerseys)8 victories and 2 defeats holmes has replaced mariano rivera become New York – the most popular player.5 (5) GangRen 7 victories 3 defeats despite being fined 163 yards, GangRen team or easily win over the raid.6 (6) the eagle(custom nfl jerseys) 7 victories 3 defeats Michael vick to overcome the Sunday’s slump or leads a team to win.7 (7) BaoZhuangGong 7 victories 3 defeats quarterback Rogers in the past two games in total efferent 7 times of array.8 (9) saints 7 victories Thursday after the game 3 negative scarred line-up need rest.9 (10) pony 6 victories, four negative although home hospitality will feel good, nba jerseys wholesale but road lightning team also has the ability to give them a run.10 (Cool giant 6 victories, four negative injuries and a series of errors will soon giants of the table and position pull down.11 (11) pirates 3 negative although only 7 victories in the nl megophryids ranked third, Orlando pirates on is also no disgrace.12 (17) bear team 7 victories 3 defeats bear team with stubborn defensive obtain their third straight win.13 (15) emirates 6 victories, four negative for two weeks against record worse team, 11 weeks for cardinals and the first 12 weeks of haiying, result should also about.


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